Colic – The short fight that feels eternal

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Colic is stress-inducing. An inconsolable screaming baby is the stuff of nightmares that you won't be having as you're kept awake from the wall-piercing wails.

I don't know what causes colic but I presume it's down to the second brain. Babies apparently have no gut flora ( or very little ) when they are born building this up from milk. That must make for some pretty painful food processing while they are cultivating a diverse batch of bacteria.

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One of my neighbors suggested during a brief doorstep chat that colic could be the little one finding themselves overstimulated in the outside world, still distraught after the transition from womb to the 'not womb'. Our little one certainly seems very 'aware' and agitated at times, so not shunning that idea entirely, but for me personally, I am going with my gut that it's their gut.

So sticking with my theory does that mean our diet is to blame or are we just battling against mother nature? Should mum be eating more lentils and kimchi or do we just wait for it to pass, that is most certainly the most consistent advice we've heard from medical people and veteran parents, that 'it will pass'.

I'm not proud to admit I've felt my patience quickly rinse away and crankily shout 'OK , that's enough now!', this obviously that does nothing to help the crying one and only makes me feel bad.

We've found the dummy used to help, although now it's more fuel for the fire as it seems to make our little one worse.

Travelling seems to help at least, once in a moving car or train our little babber quickly falls asleep , but getting them into the car seat when screaming can be traumatic. Pushing him in the pram can help but somedays he just wants picking up so you find yourself outside, pushing the pram with your waist while you're holding the baby.

One product we've had brilliant success with so far is called a snuggle bundl, it's basically a blanket with handles that allows you to rock the little one when they kick-offHe's gone from screaming, getting to that point when he starts to choke from the crying too, within seconds of being rocked, completely quiet and within minutes asleep. It is a remarkable product for us, I am not saying it'll definitely work for every baby, but it is well worth checking out.

If your baby currently has colic then good luck, I feel for you but atleast we know it passes. In the grand scheme of things we know it's just a small paragraph in their life story.


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