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On new years eve 2011 it felt like 2012 was gonna be a good year. It has not been bad, but it can be so much better.

I’ve not really got into training these last 2 months, once a week capoeria and no kung-fu , quite simply could not afford it. Past that there’s been a spat of boxing training , in fact one of those sessions landed me in A&E, but otherwise its been a bit tame on the activity front.

It has to change, mainly because if I don’t train to beat other people up I start to beat myself up over it. I need more capoeiera and kung-fu as I am only just becoming proficient at both. I always want to do more boxing , at the local boxing gym would be good and non-martial arts activities such as jogging.

This year does need to be more than just physical training though , I need to do more with the mind.

As they say ‘oi fuck wit!’.

Soz, as they say ‘healthy mind healthy body’.

I want to learn about the relatively old concept of NLP, sitting in a GPs waiting room today I started reading the first chapter of an introductory book on the subject. Seems good. There are no failures just feedback and no necessities only possibilities. I like that. NLP can be applied to all areas of life and that adaptability sounds like a winner.

I’ve also always yearned to flex my brain muscle with those Tony Buzan books on techniques to improve memory recall. a few chapters in and i’ve got my image associations for a basic numbering system , but I don’t dwell on this enough, it needs to become more regular , needs to become part of a routine.

What I need to do is just set aside a little time each day to pick up a book on NLP or memory mapping techniques. 1 hour can be a luxury but its not long, just before bed, maybe early in the morning, just 1 hour.

My problems is there is so much I want to do , and I don’t get started because each ‘thing’ rushes to the front of my mind baying for attention like a bunch of people all trying to fit through a single door frame at the same time.

So I just need to manage my time a little better, be a bit more focused and ruthless, but also contradict this and plan to fail. If I don’t get any training done one day , let it go , accept not every day will be as positive and perfect as I’d hope. Looks like NLP will be a positive venture :) So long as I don’t feel I’ve been lazy there’s no harm done.

So here it is 2012 , my new years resolutions are here and clear and not going away. Don’t need to lose weight, I’ve only drank twice this year so far and only on those drinking nights did I smoke so I have a handle on my old and unwelcome vices.

More training , more studies, a bit like uni but without the drink.

So why was I so late with my new years resolutions blog, well…its still 2012 so I don’t think its late at all, if anything the year has started proper so it’s the best time to really focus on that list.

So far not as good as it could be.


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