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I haven’t written a blog post in a while. I certainly haven’t written at a regular pace for ages and I feel like a piece of myself is neglected. I like writing , I might not be that good at it , but I love it more than anything else I do and writing that is one constant that has followed me from childhood onwards…well apart from being able to jump through sheet glass in slow motion cos it looks cool, but still!

Problem is time. Its fragile stuff, you can’t keep hold of it, those grains of sand are so fine.

Tonite I wanted to go training down in Southville. Its good to go train with new faces in a different area (Southville is not my usual kung-fu class) and spending some of that precious time with motivating individuals is time well spent. But as a landlord and godfather I had to do some DIY for my tiny tenant who has become incredibly adept at entering cupboards and pillaging the many items inside. Am also getting sick and tired of taping the cupboards shut only to see a baby run at the cupboard and rip off the freshly applied tape almost to spite me , but in a really cute way. Cheekiest of monkeys.

After much drilling and cursing the battery on the cordless drill ran out before my mission could be accomplished. With a ‘something I wanted finished is not finished’ headache I strolled into the city center to scout out reduced items in the plethora of supermarket chains choking our city of independent stores.

That ate up my evening. Now oven on I am writing this , but there’s also some reading I need to do, a personal project which is eating into my time like pacman on roids and pilates which I found is an amazing way to utilise youtube , save money and actually strengthen up well for not only normal living , but also capoeria and kung-fu. BONZA.

I like using twitter and my non twitter friends think I use it to excess. But I go days without visiting and writing on the site. Sometimes only tweeting a handful of times during a day, struggling to do things with my time and tell hundreds of people about it. How some folk can tweet constantly is beyond me and manage to ‘do things’ other than tweet (voodoo?).

Training , study, work , allotment , babysitting, all grubby little hands scrambling to get a piece of sweet time pie. Armed with my spatula I can keep them at bay, but not forever, They all take their (larger than I’d like to give) share eventually.

Something I have been getting better at is just cracking on with things. You know sometimes when you allow your thoughts of what you should be doing overwhelm you and you end up doing nothing. Well I suffer from that a lot more than I’d like. Its something I am learning to fight and am starting to win.

I’ll get there , I wrote this and that was a struggle as I really need to get more of my project work done ( watch this space ). But my blog’s been neglected and I am damned if I am going to let it settle and stagnate. Its something I enjoy and I know that every now and then others enjoy it too , how could I stop that?

More to do and time thieves a-creeping. Spatula is primed.

I shall be time pie king!!

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