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For the majority of my life it's been a big annoyance when parents talk of their babies nappy habits.  Openly discussing the content and the child's reaction to me when I wasn't a parent. It was a tad annoying that they were oblivious to the fact that 1) I couldn't relate 2) I simply didn't want to know.

Now a full nappy means no agonised screams from baby boy who can literally writhe in agony from days without 'going' , tensing up, cries going from upset to panicked seeking out comfort , basically from food which he doesn't need, throws up, has more stomach pains, then panics again, rinse. repeat.

Colic, it's not a great time in life.

Definitely not nice to see.  On a recent holiday to Ireland the little fella went several days without 'going', it's really not good and the pain babies go through must be pretty severe, they haven't got the full complimentary digestive system we have as adults.  But worse is the fact that there's little we can do to resolve the issue except wait for things to correct themselves.

You can't give water to a breastfed baby as it messes with their electrolytes, holding them in different positions some times helps , going for walks sometimes helps, the dummy will sometimes help, the keyword is sometimes.  There is no medicine we can give that we know of, gripe water was recommended and dismissed equally by our neighbours, it's just an anxious waiting game and the odd night of little sleep.

It can get so frustrating , but we are riding it out and we've met plenty other parents who've gone through the same thing and knowing we are not alone really helps, a problem shared and all that.

One thing I am definitely learning on this journey is that no one can really give you solid advice on parenting, not much anyway, every baby is different and the circumstance , environment,  all sorts of factors can invalidate advice given from others.

But obviously it's always worth taking heed as somethings definitely help.

OK , so it's a mixed bag , somethings work somethings don't and mostly the things that worked yesterday don't help today.

Good luck if you are also a parent going through the colic stage, I feel for you now , we're riding it out hoping for that golden moment when it just goes away.

But still, even though now a full nappy to me means more quality uninterrupted sleep due to a less pained panicky baby, I still feel I should avoid sitting around the dining table telling non parents about this incendiary matter.

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