The burger joint

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It was a cold day , the sun was shining and outside looked like a summers day, from the warm indoors. Even with the chill in the air we had to leave the flat , food was on the agenda and the burger joint was the first agreeable suggestion made by my flatmate.

The Burger joint is quite small , there’s around 7 tables in total, just right for the place. If it were bigger with more seating I think it would drain the current charm.

Situated within the sleepy cotham hill area a stones throw from the posh boisterous whiteladies road its an Americano style diner surrounded by Indians….OK Indian Take-aways but I wanted to make it sound clever. There’s a few bars , cafes a fine wine shop and a Dominos up the road, its quite a foodie area but no where seems to clash.

With my flatmate and goddaughter we were made very welcome by the friendly waitress who went out her way to make sure the little one was comfy. She cleaned a recently vacated table for us and got a high chair , while we ticked the boxes on the little order slips she went and got a little toasted burger bun just for the baby , free of charge.

You get to choose the type of burger you want, extra toppings , 70p each or 3 for £2.80 ( at time of writing ) , your sauce and any sides , 1 free with each burger.

I opted for the peri chicken, topped with roasted red chillis , jalapenos and crispy chorizo and for a side I honed in on the box next to hand cut chips. My compadre went for a beef burger, blue cheese ranch sauce, also the chorizo and red peppers, with fries.

It took the right amount of time for home-made food to arrive and it looked really really good. No toothpick was used for visual affect to keep a stacked burger intact , but it still stood tall and proud and only by dislocating my jaw could I take a bite out of that burger before giving it the much needed squeeze to compress the contents down into something that could be bitten.

The chicken was pretty much perfect , none of it tough, the peri didn’t mean it had been offensively covered in an over salty rub, there was ample chilli , all fresh and crunchy, the chorizo was indeed crispy as in fact was the chunky chips, skin still on but perfectly deep fried so the skin crisped up beautifully, adding a nice texture. There was a nice bit of char on the chicken and the buns I noticed, pure flavour.

I don’t remember a single mouthful I didn’t enjoy. My flatmate didn’t have a bad word about her meal either.

The music was really suited to us thirty somethings , there’d be some red hot chilli peppers , then some queen ‘we will rock you’ , cross town traffic one of my favourite Hendrix songs was on the playlist as was oasis and numerous other familiar tunes from our teen era and beyond.

The place was never full during the hour or so we were in there but there seemed to be 3 tables occupied at any one time , one table of 4 would leave and be replaced by another group , a deservedly steady pace.

The only problem we encountered was when it came to the bill , it was £24 which was right for 2 burgers , 2 sides, a wine, a lime soda and a brownie with ice cream for dessert ( was the perfect finish to a nice meal ) and the marinated olives….which we never got. We’d forgotten about them only recalling their absence on the walk home. Near the end of our meal my god-daughter was crying hysterically as , we think, she is going through teething so our bill was brought up really quick to help us vacant and soothe the little one. The olives weren’t on our mind.

So we were overcharged by a couple quid but we should have noticed that and I am mentioning it because , it happened , and because I think the place is that good it didn’t ruin the experience for us.

Very friendly staff, very helpful , nice atmosphere and really good burgers, well food to be honest.

When I sit in a pizza hut these days I always wish I was somewhere else , like a pizza express or a couple other pizza places I know that I would consider more upmarket and a bit more adult. Right now if I go to any other burger place I’ll wish I’d have gone to the burger joint instead.


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