Dry January week 2, Friday eve movie night

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It is rather tranquil in the cold streets below my centrally heated flat as I write on this Friday evening. Dinner was a chicken kiev reduced down to a measly 70p for two and a homely slow cooked lentil dish I concocted from red lentils, a few old spices, generous spoonfuls of thai paste and frozen veg.

The sofa feels more comfortable after both me and girlfriend did our individual training ,me running around the harbourside while lady attended the nearby gym for a fitness aerobics class, a class I opted out of assuming there would be no other men present, I was not wrong.

As I began the 5 minute warmup walk as instructed by the friendly sounding lady talking on behalf of the NHS couch to 5k iphone app I passed people I assume were returning to their homes from work and a few other well wrapped joggers. The reflective surface of the harbourside waters looked like a magnificent painting, beautiful but deadly to the human body with its thermal requirements.

A mere 20 minutes later and the cold became a blessing, the feeling back in my fingers my core warmed through my chest a congested wreck as I scoffed down air while wheezing from a cold air run.

Training then food and then sofa to watch a complex Israeli film that viewed as a book reads.

There will be no navigating between loud crowds in a crowded bar, no negotiating with belligerent cold bouncers and no ordering of filthy (damn straight!) kebabs tonight, tonight there is just contentment and rest. Tomorrow morning will be even better minus a hangover, especially if it has snowed!

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