Finally feeling christmassy and Christmas comes early

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It felt like Christmas last week and the week before but really when I thought this back then I was kidding myself, NOW it's starting to feel like Christmas. It's as people's work hours start to wind down, old friends are getting in touch for a catch-up before the holiday, traffic warnings begin and everywhere from pubs to shops are playing Christmas classics now without people looking offended.

I'm looking forward to seeing family this year, hoping there will be some nice cold weather back in my home town as it is way too mild as of writing, am thinking worriedly this is the 'calm before the storm' as in January we'll be plunged into a nuclear winter.

My travel ticket's booked, got people's presents ordered and on their way to the folk's so I don't need to cart them over with me on the train. I'll be travelling early to (hopefully) avoid crowds and am finally going to read Dicken's Christmas Carol as the train hurtles along. I know the story but I've never read it save the first few pages and it's a damn good book! I had it in my head it would be a terrible read but tis not.

Only downside to Christmas is Girlfriend won't be able to make it as she has to do the family thing as well. But then it's not really a problem as we'll just do things earlier. I thought it would be nice to have a little Christmas day to ourselves, have the meal with a bit of turkey or maybe push the boat out and slow roast a chicken, either choice with roast spuds of course! Then some veg including comfortably charred parsnips and Brussels because it's Christmas with the all important thick THICK gravy.

Our 'early couples Christmas' eve will be a Saturday and we'll be spending that particular eve doing something really very special. We'll be watching the new Star Wars movie, I know right! It's finally here!!

That'll be nice.

On the actual 'early Christmas' day we'll be doing something else that is a little special by heading over to a local community centre in the nearby town to help out at a food hamper charity event. Every year the basket brigade ask for volunteers to help pack and deliver hampers for the needy, people who've hit hard times, nominated by friends or other members of their community. It'll help make some peoples/families Christmas that little more bearable and hopefully that little bit special as well.

That will almost certainly also be nice.

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