First run of 2017

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Thought I ought to blog my first run of 2017 after a wee hiatus, last years running wasn't super serious with a simple weekly/bi-weekly city jog and 1 x 5k run, but it still felt beneficial and was a good way to boost cardiovascular health plus working my legs.

The end of 2016 was plagued with a chest infection, one that seemed to be recurrent lying dormant for a month or two then rearing its ugly head to leave me wheezing and whistling as I breathed. I thought I had a serious lung condition, but as a committed hypochondriac I would wouldn't I!

Finding the root cause of the wheezing and chest congestion, knowing it isn't anything serious rather an issue with my snoz which should be sorted soon through steroidal nasal spray I now really have no excuses to stay at home and think about running again 'soon', soon is now.

The evening run was only short and sweet, me and my girlfriend had both deserted our leisurely scarpering, but we still managed a fair pace, not an excessive amount of walking and were out for 30 mins covering around 3 miles - according to map my run.

Running the outskirts of the downs in Bristol in the gloom means every car I passed made me suspicious, voices would occasionally punctuate the darkness from pedestrians and joggers unconfined to just the pavement now wandering around the open areas of the downs.

Other joggers passed with torches at a much faster pace, inspiring really.

I didn't break into the sweat I was hoping for as it was a bit too cold but I could feel my body temperature had risen considerably, legs were barking and my chest, well, it wasn't great, my wheezing led to inevitable coughing fits as complex biological mechanisms attempted to clear airways. I knew a few hours later I would really feel the benefit.

Now sat several hours later writing this little blog post while watching sherlock, my chest feels that little bit clearer, head also a little clearer after a nice little slice of exertion and that nice dreary feeling knowing sleep will be so much easier tonight, especially as it is day 7 of dry January and there is no residual booze lingering to dismiss the sandman.

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