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When you walk to work there are so many things that can become familiar. A shop sign , some bench plaque, a tree twisting in a certain way, that kinda thing. One such static feature I've been passing for the last year is a sign advertising yogicyogis yoga classes.

After checking the timetable todays class seemed the most suitable to try, I didn't fancy heading all the way over to Totterdown to find I didn't fit the class. The class location - the office group.

The receptionist to the building was hid behind a rdiculously secure sliding plastic shield which she had to open to hear my query on the class. Seriously it was wierd, I have to mention it because it seemed unnecessary to have such a thing in a building like that , maybe it was a bank before it became 'design-led flexible offices'. Anyways after I checked I was in the right place I headed to the 5th floor to a nice little roof garden with an amazing view of the city.

The class was 45 minutes , I trained on a matt supplied by the instructor , the session was only 6 pounds which really doesn't seem bad after looking around at yoga classes in the city. I'd say the pace was pretty good and the exercises not impossible but not too easy either so hopefully every ability would benefit. As a beginner I know I did.

The time went quite slowly and I was getting a little shakey holding some of the positions that were stretching my horribly tight leg muscles. We did quite a few exercises for the back, while we held positions the instructor would give us encouragement and tell us the benefits to our bodies but without sounding all hippy.

It was a really pleasant location to do yoga, apoprently it can get a bit noisy so I guess I was lucky as it seemed quiet. I'd lie on the decking focused on my breathing, the sound of the city firmly in the background with the warming sun on my face, very pleasant experience.

After the class I had a quick chat with the instructor who emailed me a document with positions and postures we had just been training so I could practise at home which was pretty good of him.

Afterward I felt OK , not energised like I would after a boxing session and not as relaxed as I've got from my home based meditation, but I definitely felt clearer and just generally better overall. As the guy put it yoga is accumulative and I have no doubt with perseverance the rewards can be very high with Yoga.

As it was 6 pounds I decided to treat myself with the change left from a tenner and popped to castle park to try one of Edna's kitchen falafal. They are sound! I will go out on a limb and say they are better than the St nicks market Falafal and the Falafal king , but they are good in their own right.

YogicYogis will be a repeat venture, especially as the Thursday class is so close to some of the best lunchtime food vendors in the city (such as Matinas in St Nicks), so I can have a bit of a stretch/workout/meditation then go have some tasty food. Bonza!


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