A most pleasant sunday

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Today has been nice, pleasant, couldn't really ask for better. I've been out of the flat a couple times, just strolling, gravitating towards supermarkets dotted around the city to check for possible bargains.

The TV has remained off which is becoming a good habit as the books and conversation used to fill the void mend the mind rather than consume it. My reading choice has been Allen Carr's "The easy way to enjoy flying" which I acquired from the local library to help with an up and coming trip to Portugal, something I am looking forward to.

I love the library. I love Bristol central library although I love libraries in general. They hold so much information , so much potential. You can entertain yourself and define your future, plan trips to far away places or just the plants you'll grow in the garden. I love wandering around the numerous shelves bursting with choice and love how generous the place feels giving all those books for nothing (taxes I know), none of that filthy consumer remorse.

My lunch was really nice, some mackerel supplied by my flatmate lovingly coated in some spicy sauce ( was purchased that way but still swish ). The post lunch discussion made me think of and look forward to a future time when we have holograms and wireless display units, a thought influenced by my flatmate describing a place he had visited which I thought would go well with some hovering imagery.

The evening has also been pleasant after going for an hour or so stroll around the Harbourside, up park street so I could take in Wills Memorial illuminated a night (an iconic view for Bristol inhabitants surely? ) and a sweep through Clifton where me and my companion witnessed a surprise street performance with a sparkly lady and cups of fire. A couple streets later there was a contrasting police stop with an irate driver jumping out his car to confront the officers "Why'd you have to be like that mate! I was trying to find somewhere safe to stop", a minor bit of excitement.

During the walk me and my mate discussed many things including christmas as it is definitely starting to feel wintery and we believe that without fairy lights there just isn't a christmas ( guard them from the Grinch! ). It could just be association but they totally make it christmas for me. While on the subject I'm thinking about avoiding all supermarkets in December to try and make Christmas more special, does mean I will have to stock up on food but that could be a really pleasant challenge.

Right now as I write there is a really posh Heston Blumenthal lasagne cooking in the oven, can easily recommend his Waitrose range, even better that I got mine reduced from around 6 to 2 pounds as my copies were nearing their sell by date.

All in all a most pleasant Sunday.

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