Suitable end to 2016

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This year has been badly slated and am not going to go on about what has passed, many other articles and blogs are doing that , just feels a bit unnecessary.

It does feel appropriate that I am ending my 2016 feeling pretty groggy from a nose/throat/chest infection, maybe 2016 has been way more toxic than we originally imagined, lets all take some Vitamin C and look forward.

Sadly all the folk invited to an evening gathering at my flat had to be informed of me and my girlfriend both suffering from this toxic fall-out, sods law dictated that the turn-out would have been good, beer I was brewing would be tasty ( my home brew is a bit like Schrödinger's cat right now, it is both tasty and foul until I actually try it ) and people were willing to partake in a bit of a cook-off. Also the music and conversation would have made it a good night, but then what doesn't happen tonight can easily trickle into 2017, which is the point isn't it , we can always postpone these things for a better experience in a few more days or months.

I'm definitely looking onward to 2017 with lots of hope and fair amount of excitement. I've already got excursions planned within the year, a reasonable amount of resolutions and a likelihood I'll actually see them through without too much effort.

2016 hasn't been a great year emphasised by the many outlets of media we all now suffer , although at least one - facebook - did allow for posts when people listed the positives from what has been a very mixed year.

It was again fb that featured a little post on something interesting to do in 2017. Basically take a jar , every week write one positive thing that has happened and put it in the jar , then come new years eve 2018 have a proper reminisce. Am definitely doing that, if I don't find myself celebrating Hogmanay or similar.

So , a few things I am hoping to read from my good things jar NYE 2017 -

Visited New York with girlfriend.

Joined local running club.

Ran first 10k.

Ran first half marathon.

Long weekend cottage breaks taken.


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