Working from home with baby

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Armed with a laptop I can work pretty much anywhere , from local cafes with other remotely working folk via meetups , the local co-working space I now subscribe too , on a train heading to cornwall or simply at home locked away in the bedroom.

Home is harder to work from these days, with that new build plasterboard walls separating each room, sat in the bedroom focusing on some front-end Wordpress theme work while in the living room I can hear yet another ‘little baby bum’ nursery rhyme sang by an American child actor with an overly cutesy voice.

But with a partner who signed her life over to the NHS ( and therefore has the kind of skills that actually benefit humanity ) it was inevitable we’d find ourselves juggling work and baby more.

In the last few weeks my good lady returned to work , part-time ( which still equates to working ridiculously long shifts ), so I’ve had around 2 days per week at home , for around 12+ hours with little kidster.

I won’t lie and say I get a full days work done , currently am clocking around 5 hours or so and catching up on my hours either later in the day or over the next few days*. Obviously I focus on any ‘emergencies’ that come in , which in my line of work is generally a website is inaccessible or some visual issue that affects the monetary value of a site.

At the moment the little man is still pretty little, but he can get himself to where he wants pretty easily , either via dragging his tiny little body along the ground , pulling himself along the sofa or conventional crawling but he’s not so into crawling, prefers standing. So at the moment it is easy to keep an eye on him , sometimes he’ll sit with me on the sofa and distract himself with a toy/the remote/the ps3 controller , sometimes placing him in front of the TV , although a little shameful , buys me a bit of time to get work done, ‘little baby bum’ is THE show right now, literally swipes his attention when he hears that sparkling intro sound.

Keeping the routines down as much as possible definitely feels important as well , feeding times and nap times do tend to make things a lot easier if I adhere to them, but that is standard though right?

I’m not sure it it’ll still be feasible to work from home and babysit as he gets older, but we have little choice and I do see the time I spend at home with him a privilege , definitely wouldn’t want to be missing out on this time, as my dad had said to me “ you don’t get that time back with them”

*I have a very considerate boss


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