13k run ok

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It’s been a nice weekend. Saturday was spent trapped in the corner of our bedroom sat on my nan’s old chair working away to conclude a 12 month freelance project. The weather was nice, I was eager to get finished and get out and about but the job lasted over 8 hours so it wasn’t to be. A ‘too good to go’ purchase for a local bakeries leftovers proved a fruitful purchase and a good excuse to get out briefly working through the crowds of lucky weekenders enjoying the sun and the city atmosphere which included a bungee jumping crane down on the waterfront.

Eurovision was a painful experience, we knew the UK wouldn’t do well , but last position was pretty poor. I think the guy himself did a good job, it wasn’t a bad song and he didn’t deserve to come last , but then I guess who does. Hey ho , it’s always felt a bit political when it comes to the voting. That night I slept OK, kiddo fell asleep pretty early only waking up twice in the night to demand feeding and/or rocking back to sleep, but that’s been pretty good recently as he battles through teething.

Sunday I awoke feeling pretty refreshed but pretty stiff, I only mention as I knew Sunday had to be a run day and I wasn't feeling entirely up for it. But stiff is not a valid excuse, other people practically run on bloody stumps to avoid failure, so feeling a bit creaky is just a pathetic justification to watch crap Sunday morning TV and regret sitting there watching crap Sunday morning TV.

I got up when kiddo woke up which was a not too shabby 9am , I did a bit of stretching before doing the washing up and preparing some ready brek with frozen berries, strapped tiny meister into his high chair and fed him while we watched BBC morning news. Then after lady A got up from her much deserved lie-in after me I got ready to go, no breakfast , just powered off a couple pints of water.

Now Sunday’s run had to be significant, I’m slowly notching up the kilometers I’m running , the last run 4 days earlier was only 5k, just one of those runs to keep myself going, but by September I need to be capable of 21k so I can’t do too many small runs, I need something significant, more beneficial and damaging at the same time.

So I ran 13k.

It wasn't too fast , I had to walk at times as I just couldn't get enough air into my lungs, mainly from opting on a run around ashton court, jogging around the beautiful countryside breathing in nice clean air, greenery all around and lots of inclines and thick grass to really get those hips working.

All my runs minus a night glow fun run round longleat have been around the harbourside or the portway which are both pretty flat, so for me ashton court was way more punishing and a good way to start to push myself, otherwise I just won’t progress enough.

For the rest of the day I felt great , not ecstatic, but calm and clear headed. Running definitely gives me a break from the ever thinking mind, and rewards me for the rest of the day by making me feel nice and relaxed and less phased, it’s like all my negative thoughts got thrown onto the furnace powering my legs.

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