Sleep training woes

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It's the evening, the weather is gorgeous but its baby bedtime so we can't go for a stroll and get bathed in the glorious summer sunset.

Unfortunately sleep is our biggest issue with kiddo now. Feeding has never been a problem, liquids was at one point, sleep used to be a lot easier but now we're at the standing (assisted) rugrat stage he really puts up a fight when it comes to beddy byes.

He can comfort feed for 30-60 mins before throwing a massive overtired baby tantrum for no particular reason , even on a full tummy. I've rocked him countless evenings , numerous times gently swaying him until his heads drops, limbs go limp, it takes as long as I can read a kindle book sample, but as he lower that little sleeping weight into the cot he immediately lifts his head and starts crying crawling towards the sides of his homely cage to escape.

It's massively frustrating!

When he was younger we'd leave him for 10 minutes, he'd really protest and sob violently, but he'd almost always fall asleep, if he carried on past 10 mins then we would intervene and rock or comfort feed. It felt like sleep training was over and could be kept in the early journals.

But unfortunately it seems that sleep training needs to come back and way more dramatically with much lengthier periods!

While I write this I can hear him through the walls slowly but surely calming down , but it's been over 30 minutes, he'll pause to catch his breath then really blast out another frustrated upset tantrum baby yell. It's annoying as he is so close to sleeping , he can look really dozey eyes half closed yet find the energy to yell and scream at us from his room for upto an hour!

Whether he is rocked , fed , left alone or accompanied it's taking upto an hour to get him to sleep and it can't go on for much longer, unfortunately that wired little pup needs to learn to fall asleep without assistance , it's going to to be a hard journey for him.

Here's hoping that in a few weeks I'll be reading him the The Gruffalo while he nods off comfortably , Mum able to crash out on the sofa watching her trashy soaps, it's the dream right now.

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