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I love the wriggle food app, when you need meal ideas it's worth scanning the daily offers to see what's about. It helps expose new places, new experiences and it has great customer service when things have gone wrong.

For transparency, I've not been approached by anyone to write this post. The closest contact I have with wriggle is from using their app, and I may have walked past members of the dev team as I work on the same street as their office in Bristol city center.

I've used the app since 2017 and it's given me some decent meals, drinks and fun experiences. Also, although I'm not an ardent mobile app user the wriggle app seems stable, and I've never had any issue with either the IOS or android version.

Here are some of my reasons for loving the app:

It's exposed me to new food and drink venues I probably wouldn't have tried

In our household we've been using wriggle for lunches and dinners in places we may not have tried out otherwise, discounted offers are motivating to get out and try new things. Especially at lunchtime though when time is restricted, an offer from one of the many food places dotted around the city center can be really useful, I am not complaining but there are so many places to get food here that sometimes you need guidance!

It's also nice to go out to places and eat. As much as it's great to get food delivered to your front door, the meal isn't necessarily as good when you are staying at home staring at the same overly familiar decor and lacking the atmosphere of a busy eatery.

In that respect wriggle aren't trying to contend with Deliveroo or just-eat, they are really about getting 'wrigglers' out of the house.

The flash sales!

The flash sales have been grand! You get notified of these gems via the email newsletter and have to be quick to grab them up as they are limited to a certain quantity, and have been such amazing value they get snapped up croc-bite fast. We've had amazing cocktails ( 4 for 1 pound! ) , a really decent burger at burger bear and a falafel salad box +flat bread for one squid.

They come up now and then but I'd still say if you don't take advantage of any daily offers then the flash sales are still worth the disk space on your mobile device, or a visit to the wriggle website.

You can also help charities

In Bristol, there are a lot of people begging on the streets, but as we shift to a cashless society it is less likely they are receiving as many kind donations. So any tech that helps the needy is no bad thing.

Apps like wriggle are good for offering us the ability to buy a suspended coffee or a meal for someone staying in a shelter. That's so far and am guessing we'll see more charitable stuff appearing as the app grows and their userbase increases.

They have great customer service

A couple of months back there was a flash sale for 'Baba Ganoush' falafel. They didn't have a premise in the city center but were handing out boxes of their falafel, salad, and flatbread from the back of a branded works van. Their location was dependent on where they could safely park but they were going to be near the old knights' templar church ruins, we knew that much.

We didn't struggle too much to find the van but the weather was horrible with our jackets shiny after the heavens opened and a small lake shelled down on us. I was with my soon-to-be-wife and always-will-be-my-son as we made a hasty retreat back to my workplace to enjoy our tasty lunch out of the rain.

A colleague left just after us to grab his falafel after I'd shown him the flash sale, but his timing was a bit unfortunate as once he found the van they'd just ran out he had to wait 5 minutes for the next food batch to arrive.

The falafel and salad were really tasty, nice and fresh flavors and at that price, I couldn't complain. But some folk must have because about an hour later we all received a message from wriggle apologizing for the wait in the rain some people endured, stating that it was unacceptable and crediting everyone with 3 pounds! So free food and additional funds for future wriggles!

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Great customer service! I used my credit to buy 20 meals for kids during the summer holidays at a holiday project.

They aren't just about food

I think predominantly wriggle is there for food offers but there have also been coach trips to London, game nights, workshops and comedy events. What wriggle has on offer is pretty varied and with more of us using the app the more, we'll see on offer.

I hope I've managed to get you Interested.

If you signup and use my referral code you will get 4 pounds off your first wriggle!

Here's my referral code LSZBHC and here's their web site.

Hope you enjoy.

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