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It wasn't worth stressing about our late night before our travels to Pembroke bay from Bristol, we were never going to get much sleep as it was already past 11pm and our alarms would be going off in 5 hours time.

Bags were packed, both of us overpacking as usual. Mercifully pickle head ( baby son ) stayed asleep though. We hit the sack around midnight, I envied the version of me in a parallel universe that didn't need to get up so early.

We awoke at the ungodly hour of 4am to get ourselves up and down to the train station. outside was gloomy and drizzly, nice weather to battle against to then cosy up on the train I figured.

As we trekked down to temple meads station we only encountered a few motivated souls starting their early morning shifts. It MUST have been the cheapest tickets at the best time possible when we booked them to be catching a train at 5:25am, it did mean we'd have a nice full day in Pembroke dock at-least.

Our train left promptly to get us into Cardiff where we weren't exposed to a great amount of welsh before hopping onto the single carriage cross country train to Pembrokeshire for the next 3 hours. It wasn't the most luxurious train but it was comfy enough, definitely faster than walking and the view 'lush'!

A lush green wales swept past, hilly terrain, lots of woodland and discreet sleepy looking villages made it a visually appealing journey.

The train stopped several times to sound the horn at crossings, which gave the eyes time to take in more details of the surrounding area. At one such crossing a nearby house I could see almost too easily was picture perfect. An old couple were in their conservatory the man sat in a heavily cushioned wicker chair while the woman most likely his wife was standing at the doorway asking him something, their cosy building ( a bungalow I think ) caked in greenery with small black goats munching on the grass outside.

After 3 hours my legs had stiffened up and my knee was starting to really ache. I was looking forward to moving around after being sat down for so long. We pulled into Tenby knowing Pembroke dock wasn't much further and tried to see as much of Tenby as possible knowing we'd be spending a few nights there after Pembroke dock.

We'd booked three nights in Pembroke dock and two nights at Tenby.

Unfortunately we hadn't done am amazing amount of research when we'd booked Pembroke dock , realising it is actually a wee bit quiet.

Regardless Pembroke dock is a really nice little place. We were visiting in the week, during school days so the noticeable lack of young people was probably helped by the timing, but it did feel like a retirement area.

There was a maritime museum ran by volunteers who were very friendly , felt like boat people is the only way I can describe it ,hard working and accustomed to time spent out at sea

We grabbed a bite to eat from a nice little cafe called cwtch coffee, where the servings were generous, I had huge slabs if haloumi in my sandwich along with a nice fresh salad. There were bops and artwork for sale, downstairs a local artist was packing away her work after a recent successful open gallery. The cafe has character and worth a visit if you ever find yourself in the area.

We had 5 more hours to kill before our accommodation was available and we had enough luggage to make things tiresome but luckily the maritime museum staff allowed us to store our bags in their offices so we could retreat off to a nearby quaint little quayside pub for a quick drink. We sparked up conversation with friendly locals having a nice little drink as a humungous ferry passed by from Ireland ,floating city it was!

As we killed time wandering around my wife was really put off by the house she thought could be our accommodation booking, the door looked like it would open into a squat so didn't instil confidence.

But we were actually very wrong about the building and the actual apartment was superb. Two bedroom , nicely furnished, decent sofa, comfy bed and nice and quiet, would highly recommend.

That night we crashed on the sofa and opted to cook in the kitchen , acquiring some stuff from the local supermarkets while we watched telly and unwound in our nice little temporary apartment after an early start.

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