We got Married!

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We got married!

It feels weird to say, especially as you have a long run up to the main event, then it's over so fast, the long build up to one of the shortest happiest days of your life!

We've been together for several years, been on holidays, argued, bickered, shared fun times and been through some of the stresses and strains life throws at you. But we knew we are a good team, we actually do get on really well, we know each other, we've been living with each other and had a kid together, so marriage wasn't stepping into the unknown but just validating what we already knew.

The venue was great , my wife looks stunning on her aisle walk down , I was confident she'd be there but allowed myself a little nervous doubt standing at the 'altar' waiting for my betrothed to reveal herself.

Seeing family and friends was humbling, seeing relatives we've not seen in decades a rare joy, seeing a cousin after 30 years was great , I did feel bad that I'd walked past her in the street earlier and not recognised her.

The band we booked were great, the dance floor typically sparse but seeing the younglings taking full advantage of the open space to throw each other around was lovely.

There was plenty of food and drink and we had a right laugh with friends, managed to get around relatives between us after we split off to chat to everyone but there is never enough time!

I did spend weeks ( nay months ) stressing about my speech,I researched, I wrote numerous drafts which were all scrapped until I found my voice and wrote from the heart, the crowd was quiet , but there was applause and the odd laugh at the right times, I think it went OK, but one thing several people advised me which is really important, something I'd definitely advise to any up-coming grooms, live in the moment.

You can spend time stressing over the speech and plenty of other details on the day itself and just miss the moment, it's your day, live it. I managed to hold onto that and enjoy as much as possible.

You can't rehearse the day at all I'd say, but you can definitely enjoy it.

And yes my wife looked amazing walking down the aisle :)


Live in the moment, it's over so quickly!

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