Bristol half marathon - 70 days to fix up!

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The countdown has been triggered, there are 70 days left before I am running 13 miles with a lot of other people. I signed up to the Bristol half marathon at the start of this year with good intention, but I haven't managed to train as much as I'd hoped and the clock is ticking.

A recent knee injury has kept my running shoes on the shoe rack, definitely made me more cautious about training as the fiery pain and popping sensation that occurred every-time I straightened the leg lasted several months. But it's feeling a lot better now luckily so I can risk some gentle jogs with a knee brace to check how things are and whether or not I can push those miles up each week.

The furthest I've ran to date is 13k which has given me some confidence and reassurance that I can manage 21k, but how easy that 21k will be is down to how much I train beforehand.

70 days is really tight, but there are running plans specifically for this time frame which am intending to follow. Also hoping by keeping the e-cigarette hidden my lungs will get more efficient, I was running ok while a vaper, so reducing my habit should hopefully make training easier.

Youtube yoga videos should come in handy to get those limbs stretched and keep me generally limber, the gym nearby is going to be visited for the rowing machine and kettle bells for a bit of much needed strength training. Finally some cold showers and intermittent fasting should also help sheer off a little of the belly fat I've accumulated and get the body working more efficiently via detoxing.

As a recent wedding present from my loving wife I got a fitbit, I couldn't tell you if it's any good at the moment but I certainly will be posting about it once I've been for some runs with it round my wrist. It seems to offer quite a features one of which is the indicator on how much sleep you get at night by recording your movement and heart rate changes. Am not so sure I'll bother wearing it when I sleep , that feels a bit much but maybe seeing how much poor sleep am getting will get me to bed earlier (netflix is the enemy of good sleep).

September is going to be a relatively busy month with a friends wedding to attend, a week long holiday in Italy and the half marathon on top of regular life stuff like work and baby. Am hoping to get my fitness and energy levels up nicely for the holiday which we are treating as a little honeymoon ( although it's the three of us so not quite a full honeymoon , but we don't mind ). My plan is to have a nice level of fitness to then properly appreciate the break away , especially the food, I need to earn those calories!

I'm also looking forward to going running as it is surprisingly enjoyable once you find the routes that suit you and for me it has to be pathway that run along the Harbourside, under Clifton suspension bridge with woodland to your side, it's pretty and away from the roads so am less likely to be breathing in car fumes. The beauty helps, being round nature feels good ,I think it actually calms the soul and without any effort you get a little dose of meditation, although the endorphine rush is still what I want the most, that clean high.

So will be starting my training tomorrow and really hoping my knee doesn't cause any issues.

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