Bristol half marathon - 68 days and counting

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I had best intentions to go for a run yesterday on day 69 of the countdown, but I lacked motivation , sleep and it was all my fault from a heavy weekend while wife and baby were away.

Feeling more refreshed and claiming a cheeky lie-in this morning I had that nagging feeling knowing that until I'd done some running, I'd feel lousy especially at the end of the day if I still hadn't slipped on my tired looking running shoes.

I grabbed my laptop and did a little work , checked the 10 week training plan am aiming to stick with and decided to leave breakfast until after the run as the plan said I only needed to do 3 miles and I wanted to aim for that golden 16 hour intermittent fasting window. So I slipped on the knee brace and left the house.

Jo Rogan's latest interview was a nice distraction from my laboured breathing as I ran along the harbourside toward then underneath the suspension bridge and onward to a point where the waterway widens and the pathway makes a sharp left and disappears out of view. As I came upto that point my fitbit reported 2 miles so I turned back.

I did have a pretty long walk home after the run ended at the 3 mile mark , I didn't quite time things well so when I finished I was quite a long way from the my abode. I could have forced myself to run further but for now I'll stick with the plan especially as mapmyrun reports the last run I did was 47 days ago. 47!

A nice cold shower back home and I felt great, detoxed, no aches and pains from staying static too long ( a feeling am all too accustomed with ) , was really nice.

Work afterwards was a pain , not enough progress and only a few tickets completed for a client , small jobs that couldn't make for a satisfying day, but there was little personal frustration. I have bad work days mostly when I don't move around enough, exercise makes an unproductive day way less frustrating by burning away at the stress.

The run also helped make the hour slumped on the bed with a 1 year old on top of me burning up after his shots yesterday a lot easier to bear and actually enjoy, maybe not him being ill but it was nice to be with him. He's been quite whiny these last two days but my temperament no doubt helped his temperament and he rested on me for ages without too much fuss, calming himself quite quickly. I did have to attempt a cot relocation twice , but there was very little tears in the end, I even sneaked in a bit of kindle reading while he snoozed on me before leaving him tucked up in his cot, bum in air as babies seem to do before tip toeing into the living room to write this post.

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