Bristol half marathon - 65 days to go

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65 days left and today is my day off as part of the plan I found on page 1 of google and therefore trust implicitly.

But yeah, three runs in three days, nothing spectacular to regular runners, but hey I like this little achievement and the physical feeling from having stuck to the plan is surprisingly good.

I thought my knee would give out during this training but it's feeling fine , not 100% but it's not feeling like something is digging into the knee caps like it has done. My calf muscles are a bit tight but am not hobbling, my head feels very clear, I feel happy sat at home on a Friday evening with a sleeping tot in his cot while wife works a night shift. I've caught up on some work, uploaded recent wedding photos to google photo album for family to peruse, watched some youtube videos from channels I've subscribed too and typed up this blog post. I look forward to breakfast tomorrow, attending a barbecue in the afternoon with friends and my little boy then another chilled evening with kiddo and then Sunday with the three of us ( once mum awakens from her second night shift ).

Almost certainly not vaping is increasing the feel good factor as am not so dehydrated and am not struggling so much to sleep at night which is SUPER important!. The running has also helped my body detox faster so I don't feel groggy and therefore haven't easily latched onto the week days offers of a chilled drink in the sun.

Because it makes me feel good it's clearly a good motivator to stick with the plan but it's also motivating to keep the family in mind.

My patience has increased as my energy levels have increased which is really good at bedtimes when it's hard to get that little bundle of energy who's gone from joy to tears from his crying state to a sleeping soundly one. Also positive thinking helps improve work mood, makes me more productive so I don't return home like a bear with a sore tooth after an unsatisfying unproductive day, general stress levels remain lower amongst us all. The family is a 'unit' right? So it's only as strong as its weakest links.

Back to the running and my legs actually feel quite nice. My knee is still not right for sure but I've been taking ibuprofen ( anti-inflammatory ) and booked a physio appointment next week , fingers crossed it's all OK and can be sorted, really hoping fitness will be part of the cure rather than the problem. I doubt the big reveal on my knees condition will be coming from 1 appointment somehow.

I have a 2 mile run tomorrow which am looking forward too because if I don't get anything else done tomorrow, past the usual chores and responsibilities of course like feeding and nappy changes, then atleast I've stuck to the plan and got out into the sun for a bit of Vitamin D, clean air and a bit of a sweat.

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