Bristol half marathon training - first week done

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The first week of my half marathon training is done involving 17 miles ran over 5 days 3 consecutive. It hasn't involved much pain or discomfort just a few blisters and nicely aching leg muscles.

There has already been benefits such as the sense of satisfaction when I've kick started a day with a run, it didn't have to be good or bad.

Running is the one activity I feel I can control easily, there are no instructors or class times I just go when it suits, the weather or temperature or time are no real barriers this time of year, if anything it's a good excuse to get out in the sun for a bit.

I Like having that freedom to get up in the morning, decide I feel up to a run, have a quick half pint of water then slip out quietly so as not to wake up the cot dweller for a 3 mile run. It doesn't involve any planning, no real prep, just get up and go.

My legs carry me past iconic city sites of historic and cultural significance, cosy retirement flats with treasured english country gardens, canal systems then woodland.

I run past large craggy rock face and archways leading into eerily quiet areas of Leigh wood the tranquility unnerving. I pass other runners sharing a nod and knowing smile with them, cyclists tear past at speed and between us there is no connection.

On the opposite side of the river are all the cars and noise, I like my side more. I really like how there is no clear end to the track, so there is always more to see as I progress onward.

Running to me definitely isn't just a bit of cardio but also a time to reflect on the place where I live, to admire and enjoy the beautiful city I currently call home. I'm intending to keep this up and travel a lot more with running shoes packed away everywhere I go.

Getting a bit ahead of myself huh!

The sense of well-being has also been very nice, my mood has improved finding that I'm a little less snappy, sleep has improved, body is feeling Ok although could feel a bit better, just this damn knee issue right now.

I didn't think running 5 times a week would feel OK, but it really has. I know it's only a week so other proper runners please don't scoff, this has been my little running experience so far and I wanted to share.

The new week is starting so it's on to more miles, hopefully it'll also include a positive and reassuring physio session about my knee and more general improvements in my training, my work and my family life.

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